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The Hair Cut and Style that Will Make You Look Your Best


Every one of my clients is different. I work with both women and men, and each one has unique facial features and an individual lifestyle. The key to success in the hair styling profession is to listen carefully in order to understand the look they are trying to create. I help my clients choose the hair cut and style that will be the most flattering for their facial features and most appropriate for their lifestyle.


For Example, one of my hair cut and style clients was a "walk in". She told me that she was bored with having the same cut for too long. Her hair was  fine and straight, with no body or volume.  She said, "Change me !!". 


After a short consultation with her, I understood what she wanted- A bold new look. I tested her hair and looked at the shape of her face. Using my experience and expertise, I cut and styled her hair.  After I finished, she looked in the mirror and gave me a big smile.  She said, "I am a new person! I have big, sexy hair! Thank you, very much!"


That was 4 years ago. She left very happy and has been my client ever since.

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