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Here's What Abby's Customers Have to Say

Mission Statement




My Mission is to offer the highest quality services to my customers utilizing advanced methods, the finest organic products and superior training..


I am fully committed to providing expertly crafted, innovative and artistic services.



I can't believe the number of people that have commented on my appearance.  I was reluctant to do anything to change how I looked as I am relatively conservative and never thought that my hair made much difference as long as it was neat and clean... I could not have been more wrong.  Abby suggested that if i colored the gray and updated the style of cut that people would notice... She was right... I got comments about how healthy I look, questions about how much weight I lost, (I had not lost a pound), and women started to come up to me and start conversations. My boss even asked me if I had started to work out!


Thank You Abby, I'll be your customer for ever.  


Craig P.


There is not much more to say about Abby other than she is the best.... 

I have had a hair cut with abby and she did an excellent job. I have curly hair and need someone who knows how to cut curly hair.  She did exactly what I wanted and my hair is easy to manage now. I will go back to

her again and again.. Thank you Abby... 


Ida K.


I have long straight black hair. I saw and loved one of my girlfriend's hair, and asked her where she got it done. I went to Abby after 20 years with the same stylist in SF.  I've been getting my hair cut by Abby ever since...That was two years ago. I've referred many of my girlfriends to Abby who have all thanked me and who love their hair too. Aside from her skill as a hair stylst, she has a warm personality, so easy to connect with and talk to. I highly recommend her....


Elsa N.

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