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Create Your Personal Style

As a Hair Stylist and Makeup artist, I love helping my clients create the look they want. Whether they want their hair styled or makeup done for business, social events or just for fun, I help them achieve a unique and flattering look.  I enjoy working with both women and men.


I believe that when you look your best, you feel your best!


My hair styling and makeup specialties include:


Hair Color                Special Hair and Make-up

Cut and Style           Perm and Body Wave

Hair Extensions       Wedding Hair and Makeup

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Cutting and Shaping

Hair Coloring


Color is art... Good color enhances a natural beauty by giving body and shine to dry or damages hair, and by creating a daring and powerful look...

It can be as subtle or as outrageous as fits the mood or the vision of the  individual.

My Philosophy


Looking your- best requires vision and a great hair stylist.  It is my goal to provide superior client service.  I listen to what each of my clients want to achieve, and then present the widest possible range of styling and hair treatment options to accomplish a unique look, that is absolutely perfect for them.





The measure of success in creating an image is how you feel about yourself. A great cut that reflects your personality, and a fresh image can change your whole outlook on life. The self confidence and positive attitude you project when your image matches your persona will make you shine like a diamond.


Hair Styling Methods


I Believe that communication is the key to success. I start each hair styling session by listening to my clients describe their goals.


Drawing on my experience and using visual aids, I then present options and create a treatment strategy.


Whether my client needs shaping, curling, coloring, highlighting, lowlights, smoothing, thicking, problem determination, deep conditioning , as a seasoned hair stylist, I have the experience and artistic eye to create the look they want.

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